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Each Chia Zombie box includes:

  • Unique handmade pottery planter
  • Chia seeds for 3 plantings
  • Plastic drip tray
  • Easy planting and care information


Are Zombies Real? Get Real Zombies … Chia Zombies!

Watch your zombie planter grow, then let it shrivel and die! Collect All Four. Keep them alive with water, not brains. The perfect ghoulish gift to frighten your friends or for the Zombie Fan in your life! Make someone HORRIFIED!


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PRESS: Look who’s talking Zombie!

logo-footerFrom the makers of the Clapper, Ove Glove, Pogo Whisk, and Chia Pet. Chia Zombies round out a line of self-contained chia gardens first introduced in 1981 by Joseph Enterprises.